Week 5 Monday

Overview Check out my reminder email last Friday for the Photojournalism Assignment (👉Review the assignment document before submission. DUE midnight tonight🌛.) This Wednesday: Class Field Trip to Laramie Boomerang. Meet at 320 Grand Avenue by 9:10 a.m. We will leave the Boomerang by 9:40 a.m. Sign-Up for Individual Meetings with Instructor for next week. ReviewContinue reading “Week 5 Monday”

Week 4 Monday

Overview If you haven’t received a grade for blog post 1&2, check comments and resubmit. Remember to review Quiz 1 answers. Module Three: Journalistic Web Story (Week 4-6) This Wednesday: Guest speaker. This Friday: Studio Coe tour @ the Coe Library. Next Wednesday: Class Field Trip to Laramie Boomerang. Week 6: Meeting with the instructorContinue reading “Week 4 Monday”

Week 3 Friday

Overview Review your peers’ blogs and leave comments. (Check the list of peer blogs on our course blog.) Check your own homepage and see if you like it. Keep designing it. REVIEW the feedback for blog post 1&2 and keep perfecting your blog if you are having the same ‘issues.’ Homework over the weekend: BrowseContinue reading “Week 3 Friday”

Week 3 Wednesday

Overview Activity: The First Step of being a Photojournalist. Photojournalism Tips Ethics of Photojournalism Review the Blog Post 3 Assignment on Photojournalism. (At least one photo is due in class next Wednesday. Skype guest speaker AAron Ontiveroz, Denver Post Photojournalist) Activity: Brainstorm for Blog Post 3. Prepare for the quiz 1 on Friday.

Week 3 Monday

Overview Questions about Blog Post #2 on Creative Devices? — Due today by 11:59 p.m via Wyocourses. Submit the URL of your post. Review our top 5 list on the course blog. Photojournalism Activity #1 Discussion of Photojournalism Power Photojournalism Categories Review of Blog Post #3: Photojournalism Photojournalism Activity #2

Week 2 Monday

Overview Textbook: Catch up with the readings once you have the textbook. We will do a short-write on chapters 1, 2, and 6 on Wednesday. (You can use the textbook for this activity.) Reminder: Meet at UW Williams Conservatory (located near 9th and Ivinson green space) at 9 a.m. for Friday’s class. Bring your photoContinue reading “Week 2 Monday”